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In this era of financial strain, popular expectations are that venture capitalists are primarily funding later- rather than early-stage companies.  Data indicate, however, that venture capital funding of early-stage companies, although more selective, is still available for the strongest candidate and management packages.  Likewise, major pharmaceutical companies traditionally preferred to acquire drugs in late-stage clinical trials.  Faced with the loss of significant patents, an overhaul of their own research and development-priorities, and the consumer demand for more innovative medicines, however, Big Pharma is now acquiring more early-stage compounds in an effort to replenish deflated pipelines.  In recent years, Big Pharma has licensed more products in preclinical, Phase I, or Phase IIa stages of development than ever before.

For all players, therefore, time means money.   Product profile and quality in a highly competitive market are paramount!  TigerTox, a pharmaceutical toxicology consulting firm, ensures that the money and time allocated to drug development is strategically spent on the best toxicological package to support all stages of the proposed clinical development plan.  We do it Right the First Time by ensuring that all studies are performed correctly and expediently, with the right documentation and oversight, and in a cost effective manner!

Inquiries are welcomed by phone (760-943-0447, Pacific Standard Time) or via our contact form.  Complete confidentiality is assured!

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